"Clap your hands! Make it disappear.

Introducing Hugo! My modern day magician who has a grudge against cellphones for performing “magic” that’s cooler than his.

ALSO a WIP for a new print I’m working on for Fanime based on my favorite childhood show, Sailor Moon!

A casual reminder that these pendants are up for sale on my storenvy! As well as everything else there in stock. THANKS Y’ALL.


JUST FINISHED FINALS with this bad boy here who I modeled after young Gabranth, a character in my novel. O <O WHOOOOOOOO

Anywho, I am sick and in Mexico and I’ll be catching up on drawings now that I have to relax or else. WHOOP WOOP

ack wrong blog

This is actually one of my homework assignments and I’m quite proud of myself because I SLAM DUNKED this project and earned my teacher’s respect u vu She was on my back pretty intensely all semester (which is AWESOME and I totally loved it) but I finally got a pat on the back. WHOOP WHOOP.

This is a speed painting that I did from reference that took about two hours. I’m so excited to be getting faster!!

I noticed that it was bebopping around tumblr again! Wow, that’s really wonderful, dude, I’m so glad that you got a chance to pick it up and read it. It’s a fantastic light-hearted read and it still has the ability to make me laugh out loud despite having read it a few times. ALSO WOW, thank you so SO much!! I had that piece in a sketch stage for months and I finally pulled it out to finish it earlier on this year. I’m so glad that people have taken to it! Thank you very much, you have no idea how happy this makes me. AAAAH AAAAAAAH YOU GOT REALLY GENEROUS AT THE END THERE I WAS TYPING AND READING AND REPLYING AT THE SAME TIME AND NOW I’M ALL FLUSTERED AHSDLKASJD SD THANK YOU THANK YOU WOW???? WOW… You are very VERY welcome. Thank you so much for enjoying it. It was made for people like you!! TO BE ENJOYED AND TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE Q UQ. 

I officially label the Good Omens piece: A Success.

ALSO If you would like to actually OWN that artwork in a poster form so you can staple it to your ceiling above your bed or something, I still have some left over from my cons this year. It’s printed on really nice paper, thick and sturdy, and it’s 12” x 18”.
You can find it right here on my storenvy!! O UO

Again, thank you so much for sending me this message. It means the world to me.

omg who is this handsome stud

IT’S CESC/RHEDEFERE who belongs to ATMADJA. This is a commission u vu ALSO he’s gunna have the rest of him painting too but for now a bust is all you get.

Also, if I were to open up painted bust commissions, who would be interested?

Forgot that I painted this little guy a while ago. Have a Clurie.

HEY GUYS!! So I’m back from TWO MONTHS OF NON STOP TRAVEL ADVENTURES which means I’m reopening my storenvy in hopes of selling out the left over stock from the summer’s cons. I’ll be entering into school in the next week, so I’m trying to make a buck or two so I can start buying art supplies for my classes!

You can find my storenvy here!!
I’ll have buttons, prints, postcards, and pendants for sale.

Thanks for your continuous support!! It means the world to me. u vu <3 CHEERS!