One of these days…

I’m going to do a color block for every day of this month if I can help it.

It took a long time but I kept my promise.

Mamoru and Fiore were totally my original ship as a child. But then again, I unknowingly shipped everything in Sailor Moon, so…

Look for this print coming soon at my storenvy after this upcoming weekend! I’ll be putting it on sale after it’s debut at Yaoi-con along with the centaur print.

"Come closer…"

When I found out as a child that Sagittarians were centaurs, I was pretty stoked to identify myself with that imagery. Now this pride manifests itself in doodlings and drawings of centaur boyfriends. Who knew.

Look for this print coming soon at my storenvy after this upcoming weekend! I’ll be putting it on sale after it’s debut at Yaoi-con.

Oh!! HELLO!! Aw, I’m so glad that you really enjoyed it and the finding of Sei. It was kind of like a Where’s Waldo thing, I realized, after I sneaked him in, and I don’t know about you, but I love finding tiny details that make sense. Thank you so so much for finding me at AX!! I hope you had a great con. And thanks again for bothering to send me a note here!! Q UQ I’m very touched.

"I don’t wish for much. I don’t mind if it continues like this." -Aoba, DRAMAtical Murder

I meant to post this before AX, but in the sweeping chaos that is pre-con panic, I wasn’t able to manage. So here it is now! My piece for DRAMAtical Murder. As always, there are a bunch of dumb details hidden in the illustration, and I hope you enjoy looking for them.

This print is also now available on my Storenvy!

I am so stoked for the anime. Pretty excited with how it’s going so far! It looks so fab. A bunch of friends and I watched the first episode and spent most of the time screaming at one another. THEM HANDS AMIRITE?

Knight of White Elephants

A doodle testing out some new brushes! O VO This guy’s name is Benedetto.

As if that wasn’t enough updates already, HERE ARE SOME MORE. I finally got the gumption to try my hand at these dumb make up bags and LOOK ITS SO CUTE AND AAAH I’m stealing a Makoto one for myself methinks. But yeah! they’re 7”x5” bags with a little zipper pocket inside, and you can use them to store just about anything! I generally use mine to carry my chord and pen for my tablet, or for pencils and pens, whatever I happen to need organizing with.

You can ALSO find these bags up on my Storenvy for sale!

As you can tell, I’ve been super excited about Sailor Moon as of late. Here are the Sailor Scouts, and their cat guardians. Each Sailor Scout is framed by a flower representing the element that they stand for!

  • Sailor Moon - Justice (Chestnut Flower)
  • Sailor Mercury - Wisdom (Salvia Flower)
  • Sailor Mars - Passion (Red Rose)
  • Sailor Jupiter - Strength (Garlic Flower)
  • Sailor Venus - Beauty (Calla Lily)

Luna and Artemis will also be made into buttons soon, I just flubbed and totally forgot that they are in the perfect circle shape for button shenanigans. So ahsdlkajsd, look forward to them soon!

I WILL ALSO be adding to this collection and making the other Sailor Scouts, Mini-Moon, and Tuxedo Mask.

For now, though, you can purchase these pendants and buttons on my Storenvy!

HEY EVERYBODY! So I’m back from Fanime with leftover stock that I’ve finally managed to catalog and put up on my Storenvy. If you were unable to come to Fanime, or if you’re located somewhere far away, you can now purchase these lovely 18” x 12” prints for wallpapering your bathroom, ceiling, or other conveniently flat areas.

ALSO, there is a sale on prints that are pre-2014! They’ve dropped down in price and I just wanna MOVE MOVE MOVE EM so I can make way for new stock! If you have any ideas for prints or product that you would like to see, hit me up with a note, and I’ll put it down on a list!

Feel free to go take a gander around the store, and thank you, always, for your time and support!!


Hello!! I hope you had a safe trip back home and you’ve gotten the rest you need. O VO THANK YOU SO MUCH for buying my Howl print!! I’m very honored to hear that it’s been put in a nice frame on the wall!! Q VQ I always love talking with the people who come by, and wow YES! Talking about Free! always makes my day. I hope to see you at the next Fanime or some other con sooner than that!!  ; v; Being able to meet so many nice people at the booth is my favorite part of conventions. I’ve made a lot of good friends that way! I’ll see you and your bff next time!!